Auto Patch Update during Maintenance Windows?

I’m running SUSE Manager 4.1 and recently discovered Maintenance Windows. There are a number of systems that I’d like to automatically patch during off hours, as defined by a maintenance window schedule. However, if I got into a system’s properties and put a system in maintenance window and check the “Auto Patch Update” box, updates don’t seem to get installed nor scheduled. Is there something I’m missing or is this just not possible at this time?

I believe that I found the issue. I had multiple schedules per day and each of those was set as “single”, but according to documentation, these needed to be set as multi:

There are two types of schedule: single, or multi. If your calendar contains events that apply to more than one schedule, then you must select multi, and ensure you name the schedule according to the summary field you used in the calendar file.

I think the wording could have been a bit more clear on that, but I think everything is good now.

Hmm, that’s interesting, thanks rogerbycek