scheduled update for multiple systems ?

We have over 600 sles based servers and we need to update them all within a period of one month. I’m looking for a solution where I can create static groups with a bunch of servers, i.e. group1, group2 and so on. This is the easiest step.
Now we plan to schedule automatic systemupdates during nighttime: Group1 update at 02am, group2 at 4am and so on. Additional we need to run Pre- and Postscripts with the schedule. Where I find a function like this in the WebGui?

It’s just patching - not SP-Migration!

Anyone an idea?

Have a look at Systems>System Set Manager>Overview then in the group you can set under ‘Misc’ to set ‘Automatic application of relevant patches’, then set up a schedule.

For your scripts via salt perhaps? What sort of scripts are they?

Thank you Malcolm! AFAIK I can only define one SystemSetManager and fill it up with all clients. Because of SLA’s with our customers we defined for each system a special Maintainance Window. Some Servers have to be patched on every first Monday at 6pm, some servers only on third wednesday 9pm … and so on. In the past with another Tool (I won’t say the name :wink: ) we defined the MW only once and the patching for the system runs without any handling.

For this I think that we need multiple SystemSets? Is this paossible through Web-GUI?