Auto Restart and Re-Create on bad healthcheck not working

I am having a very serious issue with Rancher on my production servers, sometimes the healthchecks fail and it simply does not re-create a new container

I am using Rancher v1.6.10

Every now and again some service dies and rancher does not put it back on.
I have the service on Auto Restart set to Always

To test this I put in a healthcheck that returns HTTP 400 status code always, because I wanted to see the restart in action, here is the config below:

When I activate the upgrade it stops the old container and starts to create the new one, but after a while it deletes the new container and never tries to re-create it, leaving only the old container and leaving it Stopped

Am I doing something wrong? Based on the UI this should be pretty simple, it should be retrying to start the new instance forever, or is this not how it is?

PS: I have screenshots to prove all that I’m saying but the forum only allows me to upload one