Can I customize the healthcheck response?

I have a stack that includes some fairly complicated containers that can’t be simply restarted. They are running legacy software and we don’t want to re-engineer these apps to behave more like micro-services.

So I want to use Rancher to monitor the stack, and if one of the containers is sluggish of non-responsive, I don’t want Rancher to take any action, other than perhaps changing the state of the container, service, etc, and changing the color of the container in the UI.

Is there a way to tell Rancher not to restart a container on a healthcheck failure?

I wish I could provide a call-back or something like that for the healthcheck. :slight_smile:

There is an option to “take no action” on healthcheck failure (or to only restart if there are n other healthy containers).

Please, point me to that documentation?

It’s not in the docs yet, but you can see the “When unhealthy” section in the UI.

ok, thanks. I forget to look at the UI. Mostly I’m working with *-compose files and APIs. :slight_smile:

Yeah. the UI makes it easy to see what the translated docker-compose.yml file would be.


I will try to update the docs with this information.