Automated Helm chart deployment

Hi All,

I’m looking for a pointers (docs, samples, blogs, …) related to deploying Helm charts into the Cluster/Project/Namespace created by the RKE i.e. managed by Rancher.

I understand that I can use the regular helm cmd line tool, but I’had some authorization related errors/problems after i moved from some old RKE version to the newest one, so It looks like there should be the proper ‘Rancher way’ that takes care of it. However I’m not sure what it is.
I’m looking for a proper way to integrate the helm chart deployment (into the cluster/project/namespace) as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Helm charts are created by the build process as a build artifact.

I was probably not clear (or i’m asking something very simple - let me know).

To clarify, I need to deploy Helm Chart into the cluster from the process/pod running into the same cluster (build agent).
Deploying from outside of the cluster (so build agent doesn’t have to be running in it) will work to if it’s supported.

Is there any Rancher specific doc that looks into the helm chart deployment?

If you already have Helm chart you probably need Rancher only as an installer and maintainer of your cluster. Probably the easiest deployment for Helm provides GitLab - you will just configure Kubernetes creditials, push chart to GIT repository and then it will deploy it somehow (search “gitlab auto devops”).