Installing GitLabs Helm in Rancher 2.5 RKE/HA

I am trying to install GitLabs vi helm as per their documentation, at home in my lab use a Rancher 2.5.5, three masters and one node rke/rancher HA running in an on-prem server, storage is provided via Longhorn, got around 220GB free allocated space for this node.

I am using a CentOS 7 NGINX as Layer 4 Load Balancer

Created a project and namespace

Launched a very simplistic helm chart via kubectl Rancher Shell (Fleet), however even that I tried several times the deployment fails, not all workloads/pods are deployed and they just fail, GitLabs don’t provide any kind of cluster preparation with any environment variable to setup

Has anyone successfully deployed GitLab via Helm Charts instead of Ominubus, it’s Rancher compatible with this method?