Automated Rancher Deployment : Server + Nodes

For the moment, I have a “demo”-setup where I have a automated deployment in two stages ;

  • first I aumatically deploy a system with rancher on it
  • next I need a manual intervention to setup the authentication and grab the callback address for my agent
  • last I do another automaticaly deployment of several systems with the rancher agent on it with the callback url that i just grabbed

Is it possible to make this one unattended ride? I would love to remove the intermediate / manual step and automate this by some means. Is that currently possible?

There is no magic, everything the UI does is through the API and can be automated.

Access Control:

RegistrationToken: POST /v1/projects/1a5/registrationTokens and poll for it to become state:active. shows starting up a server and adding hosts for GCE and Docker-for-Mac (but not setting up access control)

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