Automatic Downgrade from 1.0.1 to 0.51.0

Hi community,

I had a Rancher running 1.0.1 that is now 0.51.0 version. And now all the cattle and containers are freezing. Cloudflare is down. All my Load balancers too. Impossible to upgrade anything.
How could this happend? Anyone’s idea?

Thx for sharing.

Did the VM that was running rancher/server reboot?

Typically, I’ve seen this happen when the VM reboots and you hadn’t deleted your previous running rancher/server container. Since rancher/server is started with --restart=always, it will pick the first container that was launched (probably v0.51.0).

All you need to do is stop the rancher/server:v0.51.0 container and start up the v1.0.1 container.

Did you create a data container when upgrading? If so, you should be able to remove the old container to prevent this from happening again.