Upgrade Rancher Server v1.0.1 to v1.6.2

Hello there!
I’ve a Rancher cluster which rancher/server version is v1.0.2 and rancher/agent is v0.11.0.
I’m wanting to upgrade it to latest release. I know v1.0.1 is a pretty old version but It was running ok.

What should I take care about?
Is this really disruptive?
Should I wipe everything and start from scratch?


We generally only test updating from the previous stable version, but in theory all the database migrations are additive and upgrading through two years of versions would work.

But I would highly suggest starting from scratch and going to 1.6.14 with a supported Docker version instead of a random older versions.

…And trying to stay more reasonably current in the future, though at this point we are mostly working on 2.0 and that will be another big change.

Thanks Vincent! You are putting all efforts on Kubernetes droping Cattle support for 2.0. Is this right?

2.0 has most of the same general UI/CLI/API experience as Cattle in 1.x, but running on top of Kubernetes.