Autoyast install booting to runlevel 4

My autoyast install has been evolving for a few versions now. It’s a custom build that handles custom disk types, different hardware, and it has post and init scripts.

I have successfully build versions of this installation using 11SP2, 12 SP2, 12 SP3 but for 11SP4, the server boots into runlevel 4 for some reason and never runs the init scripts, and also leaves the network not running.

The only clues I have to something being wrong are from boot.msg:

‘boot.efivars start’ exited with status 6
‘ start’ exited with status 6
‘boot.cycle start’ exited with status 6

Not using EFI or ISCSI so those messages don’t bother me but the boot.cycle one looks ominout. Server boots no problem, it just boots into runlevel 4 rather than what is specified in the autoyast profile (3).

Any ideas?




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