autoyast and ask

Hey all, Tried searching all over, found some documents, but never anything close to what I’m looking for.

Have many SLES11 servers to be built. All will be built the same (same geometry, patterns, etc) and the current autoyast script works great. There’s only 1 outstanding issue I haven’t resolved yet; The the odd server needs to have an additional software pattern or 2 installed. I know I could create a second xml file to include these components, but I was hoping to keep a single xml file.

Is it possible (and if so, can samples be posted?) where you can set up an ask section in the xml file to enable / disable these two extra packages in the section? Or would I have to do this via post-install scripts and running zypper?



I don’t know about the ‘ask’ idea. The AutoYaST documentation for SLES 11 SP3 is at
if that doesn’t tell you how to do it I guess it’s not possible.

If you do it in a post-install script you be looking at having something which works out whether the extra packages should be installed, e.g. looks at the server IP address, or which asks the user for input?

Is your AutoYaST profile being retrieved via http? If so maybe you could use a variant on this to make a variant on your profile which has the extra packages in the software selection and then you specify that profile for the servers which need the extra software.