autoyast net-udev cause ifcfg-ethX Missing


I use net-dev within autoyast profile
to enumerate nic card base on bus id,
try to get onboard nic stick with eth0

I have put content below in networking section

eth0 ID 0000:03:00.0

70-persistent-net.rules is modified correctly.
Got onboard nic with eth0 as expected,

But the problem is ifcfg-eth0 file was almost empty
cause ip address missing during firstboot,

autoyast try get some rpm via nfs
and installation stuck because no ip address configure on eth0
but try to dhcp broadcast via eth2 instead.

This problem is exactly same in the link below
‘Discussion about autoyast2 and other unattended installation tools’

Is this looklike autoyast bug ? Any solutions ?



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