autoyast registration network error

We are preparing our sles12 template, and encounter a problem during the autoyast automated installation “registration” step.

Our setup:
VMware Virtualisation
autoint.xml autoyast installation
installationmedium is .iso
autoyast profile over a floppy mount
network setup: static ipv4, with standard gateway + proxy für http/https and ftp.



true ... +static ipv4 network ...

After the completion of installation, the machine is able to do the online registration manualy through yast → online registration

I have noticed that the Bash Shell Enviroment which i accessible after the Installation abort, does have network proxy issues.

For that reason i added some proxy settings to /root/.curlrc and /etc/sysconfig/proxy.

			<pre-scripts config:type="list">

touch /root/.curlrc
echo ‘–proxy “”’ >> /root/.curlrc

echo “” > /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘PROXY_ENABLED=“yes”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘HTTP_PROXY=“”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘HTTPS_PROXY=“”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘FTP_PROXY=“”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘GOPHER_PROXY=""’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy
echo ‘NO_PROXY=“localhost,”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/proxy

But sadly that did not solve the connection error during registration.

linuxrc was the last straw for me, but the following settings in autoint.xml, dont work yet:


<![CDATA[ # # Don't remove the following line: # start_linuxrc_conf # Nameserver= Netdevice=eth0 NetConfig=static gateway= hostip= netmask= autoyast=floppy hostname= textmode=0 proxy=http://proxy2.mydomain.come:3128 # end_linuxrc_conf # Do not remove the above comment # ]]>

Any Ideas that could lead me the way would be very much appreciated.


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