"bare metal" install on VMWare never persists state


I have VMWare ESXi 6.5 installed. I have a few other VMs running successfully. I’ve installed RancherOS using the “Install to Disk” method (http://docs.rancher.com/os/running-rancheros/server/install-to-disk/). The guest has 4GB ram and a 30GB hard drive on /dev/sda.

I created a basic cloud-config.yml file:

hostname: r.cynexia.net
  - ssh-rsa AAAA...y15Xh rancher@r.cynexia.net

copied it to the VM and checked it was there (cat cloud-config.yml). I then used the sudo ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda command to install.

When it said the install was successful, and prompted me to reboot, I removed the virtual DVD, and rebooted. The guest boots to rancher from the hard drive, however, it doesn’t have the correct hostname, and I can’t SSH in using the key provided. Additionally, if i make other config changes (for example:

sudo ros config set rancher.network.dns.nameservers "['','']"

they do not persist a reboot. Any ideas?

"Bare metal" install on Virtualbox, cloud config not working
"Bare metal" install on Virtualbox, cloud config not working

Thanks for this hint, but it is only changing the IP of the docker0-interface. The docker-sys-Interface is still