"bare metal" install on VMWare never persists state

I have VMWare ESXi 6.5 installed. I have a few other VMs running successfully. I’ve installed RancherOS using the “Install to Disk” method (http://docs.rancher.com/os/running-rancheros/server/install-to-disk/). The guest has 4GB ram and a 30GB hard drive on /dev/sda.

I created a basic cloud-config.yml file:

hostname: r.cynexia.net
  - ssh-rsa AAAA...y15Xh rancher@r.cynexia.net

copied it to the VM and checked it was there (cat cloud-config.yml). I then used the sudo ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda command to install.

When it said the install was successful, and prompted me to reboot, I removed the virtual DVD, and rebooted. The guest boots to rancher from the hard drive, however, it doesn’t have the correct hostname, and I can’t SSH in using the key provided. Additionally, if i make other config changes (for example:

sudo ros config set rancher.network.dns.nameservers "['','']"

they do not persist a reboot. Any ideas?

Thanks for this hint, but it is only changing the IP of the docker0-interface. The docker-sys-Interface is still