"Bare metal" install on Virtualbox, cloud config not working

I think I just got it to work: seems that you can only make it work if you do the ros install from the default console and NOT from another console.
Before installing on some servers I wanted to learn about the install process and use of rancherOS, so I fired a virtual machine with the following characteristics:

I boot as usual, switch to debian console, scp cloud-config.yml from host to the guest machine, run

ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda

install goes ok (download a bit slow though), I pop out the iso and reboot.

That’s when trouble starts: I can not ssh to the rancher guest, even if I provide the required key I end up with a password prompt, for which I have no working credentials. Furthermore after booting the guest using a live distro I can’t find any .ssh folder in rancher’s home and the cloud-config.yml inside /var/lib/conf/rancher hasn’t any of the entries I made in the file I used when installing.

Here are the attributes of my environment:

Debian jessie, 3.16.0-4-amd64
virtualbox version: 4.3.36_Debianr105129
guest ram: 2gb
guest hard drive: 8gb

rancher os: v0.7.1
cloud config file: not using blockquote to make any indentation error obvious
I used two spaces whenever some indentation was needed


  • ssh-rsa AAAA…== strange@example

hostname: ranchervm

console: debian

I have teh same - see "bare metal" install on VMWare never persists state

wow - that’s a useful find - you’re right, I’ve been testing my recent work using only the default console.

"bare metal" install on VMWare never persists state

I saw it while searching and almost posted there but it felt too much like thread hijacking :wink:

Also download speed is much better from the default console