Baremetal metallb loadbalancer

I’ve successfully used metallb in my Rancher-2 tests and basic deployment works fine.
However using different options to Metallb (different pools, fixed IP), I need to set annotations at deployment.
Is it possible to add custom deployment options when selecting LoadBalancer?
Or would this need metallb to be first class citizen?


If you edit in yaml. I think you can add those values.

currently I’ve not been able to use vanilla rancher ui to deploy with custom service annotations. Or even edit current config to update lb pool. Once an address is set in LB, edit is not possible, it seems.
Importing yaml directly works fine.

@hwaastad do you wanna share your config of your metallb configMap?
It’s hard for me to find a “real life” example. All examples are only for minikube (local k8s clusters).

I think you can use the metallb helm chart (in values you’ll see example values)

Just be sure not running rancher >=2.2
They have disabled L4 loadbalancer deployment in GUI for bare metal (not very cool, BTW). (I think it works deploying by helm)