How do you use Charts in Rancher 2.6.x and Edit YAML template to assign Specific IP to Expose Service?

K3s v1.18.8+k3s1
Metal LB
Rancher 2.6.3

Hello everyone,
thanks for watching.

As the versions listed above,
I’m helping a team build a cluster
( K3s + MetalLB + Rancher 2.6.3 )
In this environment,
I am also ready to use the path of Rancher 2.6.3
Apps&Marketplace > Charts
to install Longhorn

Generally speaking
I will modify spec.type=LoadBalancer in yaml
to expose the Service
and also set the spec.loadBalancerIP:
that in my MetalLB IP address-pools
this works fine

But in Rancher 2.6.x UI
And Edit YAML for custom Services and LoadBalancing
By convention, I would find service.ui.type=LoadBalancer
Then add loadBalancerIP: under it

I have noticed the difference between YAML setting static IP

And the MetalLB docs have written
" MetalLB respects the spec. loadBalancerIP parameter. "
Obviously, they are different
How can I edit the YAML provided in Rancher UI to get back spec.type
(equivalent to service.ui.type)
and make it work properly?
Did I miss something? :sweat_smile: