Benefit of convoy-glusterfs over pure glusterfs

I have a problem to see the benefit of glusterfs with convoy over pure glusterfs

Our starting position:

  • we just use convoy of rancher, nothing else
  • we have glusterfs setup for persistent data

Setup without convoy

  • Mount glusterfs volume on each docker host
  • create services with docker swarm and mount them to the right directory on the host, which hosts in the background to glusterfs

Setup with convoy

  • Run the convoy deamon on ever dockerhost (which mounts the glusterfs volume in the background)
  • create services with docker swarm and attach a volume to it over the convoy volume-driver, which is maped to a glusterfs directory in the background

So, what is the benefit of starting a deamon (convoy), which does the mounting in the background, when I can do the mounting myself over /etc/fstab

Feedback really apreciated

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