Best practices for (distributed) storage with multiple projects/environments


I am currently trying to set up a Rancher environment for our organization. There are multiple projects that want to make use of Rancher, and I would like to seperate these projects using environments, so that they cannot stop/control containers of others. I believe it is a good practice to set up a Rancher host for each project, since you can access all stacks that run on a single host.

Data that is stored in volumes should be backed up or replicated. I was thinking about one of the following approaches:

  • Projects store their container data in volumes on their own Rancher host. We would however need a solution to backup these volumes.
  • We could use a distributed storage solution such as GlusterFS. I have tried to set up a GlusterFS cluster using Rancher on three machines. However, I found out that a GlusterFS/Convoy service cannot be shared across multiple environments.

What would be the best approach to this?

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Would still appreciate some tips! :slight_smile: