Best way to handle storage in production environment?

Say you have 2-3 Rancher hosts and you’d like to distribute storage across them such that containers don’t care where they launch. What is the best current option for doing this with Rancher?

On a related note, I’ve looked at the Gluster catalog entry. What I’d really like is a way to point the Gluster storage to, say, /srv/gluster on the host. /srv/gluster might be on a separate storage device. But it seems like the catalog entry doesn’t let you bind-mount a host directory into the data container. Am I correct? Is there no way to customize where the actual Gluster data is stored on the host? I’m looking at Scaleway hosts where you seem to get a 50G root but can get extra storage added as volumes, which are separate LVM devices. I thought maybe I can store containers/data in /var/lib/docker, Gluster or other storage data in the volumes, then use LVM snapshots and Gluster’s snapshot backup capability to take safe application-level backups. But the catalog entry doesn’t seem to support this use case, so either I’m missing something obvious or it’s not meant for production use.


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I use Ceph as a primary Storage solution, for best practice use case We use K8s witgh RKE and use Rook for handle Ceph in K8s :wink:

More information: Rook Quickstart Guide