Beta season: NVidia-Docker2 & Rancher 2.0 ( K8s 1.9 )

With the introduction of many things in beta i would like to see if it possible that the upgraded NVidia-Docker2 stack would be working transparent in Rancher 2.0. Since the introduction of this NVdocker 2.0 the nvdocker implementations wraps around the docker command instead of starting it as a separate command. This opens up the possibility of a hybrid GPU docker stack in Rancher 2.0 ( )

What is needed ( imho what is missing ) is the option --runtime=nvidia added to the docker run command of the UI when starting a container/pod.

K8s 1.9 somewhat supports NVidia-docker2 out of the box, yet it would be great to be able to set this --runtime toggle in Rancher 2.0 without outside help or bash/cli-commands; AFAIK this was not implemented/avaliable in the UI of both 1.6 and 2.0alpha.

Would seriously help the Docker ML/AI crowd IMHO. #sellingpoint4upgradeto2.0

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Having easy access to this part of the infrastruture in just the same way as everything else would clean up things a lot :slight_smile: