Better explanation of various states

We have many services that are in all various states. Some are active, others are initializing, others have containers with ‘started-once’ etc. Is there a place that provide any extra information on why those containers are in the given state?

It took a long time to debug the fact that rancher couldn’t download a container because I had a typo in the user name when setting up private registry. Where are the logs for that?

There is no central point of all the different states of services. We’ve added more and more as features/requests get added to Rancher.

If you have a specific question on a specific state, please let me know.

Started-once is to indicate that the container was asked to only start once an remain stopped. Typically, if you don’t select this option, the container would continually try to start a new container to achieve the selected scale of the service.

The logs of the issue would typically be in Rancher/server logs, but previously the logs weren’t very detailed. It would have said “Operation failed” in the rancher/server logs.

We have a Github feature request to have better validation checks when adding a private registry to avoid what you had faced.

We also have a different enhancement to validate the image before attmepting to deploy.

I have a service that has been “Activating (In Progress)” for 30 minutes now. No errors, no host IP has been assigned. I don’t know what’s going on.

I can find the respective container and it says it’s “Creating (In Progress)”

Is there any place I can find out what exactly is going on? Is it authenticating with the registry? downloading? server-agent communication issues?

It’s a very small container and should’ve been downloaded in less than a minute, so something is definitely amiss

@siminm What version are you running? In the latest version (v0.63.0), we started to provide more details on what is going on during a container creation.

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