Big logs under /var/log/gdm

Hi folks,

We’ve got SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, with Gnome Desktop here. And there are a files named “:0-greeter.log”, “:1-greeter.log” etc., which consumes a lot of diskspace. It grows every day about 15/20mb (our disk is only 7.9G big)

When I look in the file, I see a lot of messages like this: “Warning: No symbols defined for (keycode 143)

Any idea what it could be?

Thx in advance.

Hi miez,

to save you from filling your file system, have a look at “logrotate” - I don’t use Gnome, but usually SLES installs definitions to rotate log files together with each subsystem. If there’s nothing in /etc/logrotate.d that covers those specific files, then create one to rotate your files according to your specific limits.

OTOH, that doesn’t help you with the root cause of the messages. I’ve found a number of references to the quoted and similar error messages, but no obvious root cause nor solution popped up. By the file naming, it looks like you’re running multiple X servers on the same machine.

Do you have any “real” problems with the machine? Or is it just the size increase of the log file that currently bothers? (sometimes, the cause of messages can be hard to track down, while fixing their impact can be easy. But 20 MB per day it quite a lot of messages.)


Hi jmozdzen,

Thx for your advice :slight_smile: I’m gonna try to create a rule under the /etc/logrotate.d directory.

No we don’t have any “real” problems, but I just wanna know where these big logs could come from. And keep track of it, before diskspace runs out.

Hi miez,

that’s totally understandable to me :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’m more into KDE than Gnome (and never on SLES, anyhow), so I’ll have to leave it to others to come up with ideas concerning the cause of the messages…


Made a the configfile for logrotate and see what happends.

Thx for your help!:smiley: