bootable driver kit pxe question

for doing a pxe installation with autoyast and sles11 sp3 and the driver for dell perc h330 we are following the instructions in:

In pxelinux.cfg/default we have the following:

label linux
kernel linux
append initrd=initrd ramdisk_size=65536 install=http://pxeserver_ip/distro addon=http://pxeserver_ip/bdk autoyast=http://pxeserver_ip/profiles/autoyast.xml

Is this correct? Cause in the install-readme there is no example with autoyast attribute.

Thanks and BR/


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Hi Cristina,

I ran into this issue myself and got stuck in the same place. I made 2 changes and I’m not sure if both are needed or only one. These were the 2 things I did:

Created an “add_on_products.xml” file and added it to the Suse install location (i.e. http://pxeserver_ip/distro)

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<add_on_products xmlns=“
<product_items config:type=“list”>
Dell PERC H330 Bootable Driver Kit
<ask_user config:type=“boolean”>false</ask_user>

i also edited autoyast.xml adding the following:

http://pxeserver_ip/bdk DELL_PERC_H330 / Dell PERC H330 Bootable Driver Kit false

The setting for “product” I found in the BDK “content” file where it says “NAME DELL_PERC_H330” Note that the metadata name needs to match the “product” field in autoyast.xml, and the “name” field in autoyast can be any friendly name you want. I hope that’s clear and not confusing.


Hi Dawn,

first post and already helping others - a splendid start, thank you for sharing that information!


PS: While the original question is from February, your post will still help others looking for assistance in similar situations.