[BUG] Bombarding /var/log/messages

Hi guys, I got notification on my desktop machine running Fedora 23 that / partition running out of space :wink: ncdu (do You now this great tools?) helped me to find out that /var/log/messages has 31GB size. and mostly because:

level=info msg=“Starting rancher-compose-executor” version=v0.6.1
Dec 15 10:53:59 dziol_lenovo journal: time=“2015-12-15T09:53:59Z” level=fatal msg=“Unable to create event router” error=“Get dial tcp no route to host”


level=info msg=“Exiting go-machine-service…”

what I did is just docker rm -f for rancher server and I thought I’m done. But today I got the same issue, but docker ps -a shows that I don’t have ANY containers running nor exited/restarting. And after stopping docker service even it’s still the same

So where those logs comes from ? :smiley:

rancher-compose-executor and go-machine-server run in the rancher/server container. I’m not sure why you would continue to see those error messages if you have removed the server. In the 1.0 release though, the issue you are seeing that is causing the infinite restarts should be addressed.