Temporary log files in /var/lib/docker/volumes grows huge

We’re running rancher-server 1.6.0 on rancheros.iso v1.0.0. Rancher-server is the only container running and the host has several GB of ram. There are two sub catalogs in /var/lib/docker/volumes. In one of those, some directories down, there is an ever increasing number of huge temporary files named cattle-debug.log.xxxxxxxxxxxx.tmp. Each morning, when i come to work, they have filled the ram of the host completely. How can I control if, when, what and how much log files rancher-server creates?

The logs were reporting that a service couldn’t find a suitable host (with correct label) and since Rancher tried over and over again, the log grew. Repeating the same error over and over again in log files isn’t very helpful. There should instead be a line in the log saying that the error were repeated more than x times and won’t be logged any more.

Hi @huggla looks like there’s a github issue here #9887 for this. We’ll be looking to see if this is fixed in a newer version of logback.