Calico Network Policy on Rancher

First of all … this question might come a bit early.

I need to deploy CoreOS based clusters of Kubernetes 1.3 with the Calico Network Overlay. Can I do that with Rancher?

This will be in v1.2.0:

I have set up a 1.2-rc6, change the catalog to give me a 1.4 k8s and read all the links in the issue mentioned above.

But can not find out how to configure calico for the use in a Rancher+K8s environment. How do I get the CNI config into the kubelet and kube-agents? I can grasp “Getting started with K8s and Calico on Ubuntu”.

Can anybody help make the transfer to an Rancher environment on Ubuntu?

Side question: can I reuse the etcd cluster started for K8s for the use with calico?