Can not connect to remote host to sync files


I am facing an issue when csync2 -xv in node2. That mean I try to sync the file from node 1 to node2.

The error message is:

marking file as dirty: /etc/corosync/authkey
connecting to host slse-pl1 (SSL)
can’t connect to remote host
Error connect to remote host failed
Host state in dirty state. Try again later

The 2 nodes can be able to ping by hostname, IP and can ssh to each nodes without enter password.

Can someone point out what do I miss?


Without seeing something in a log file I’d probably fire up tcpdump and
see what is happening on the wire. A quick Google search found this which
may also be related, though it’s a pretty old post:

Good luck.

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Hi thomas,

might be a typo or alike: “connecting to host slse-pl1 (SSL)” does not say “sles”, but “slse”. Either that host name does not resolve (because it was entered in /etc/hosts or DNS server with the right spelling) or the certificate (for SSL) does carry the proper system name (again “sles” instead of “slse”), which does not match the host name used for the request and thus is rejected.

But maybe it was just a typo when entering the message here…