Can not create a PVC to NFS share

I am testing an application called Unmanic. I need access to my movie folder on my NAS.
I created an NFS Persistent Volume.
In the container settings i’m trying to add a new volume ( a persistent volume claim to the PVC base on the NFS share.
Till now i did not succeeded in creating that volume.
If i create a volume based on longhorn it worked, but not if i want to create a volume on another location base on NFS.
What am i doing wrong here?

This is what happened if i created a PVC base on the NFS share

and this is how i create the movies NFS share

This how the PVC look like

I think this is not related to longhorn, but it is more about how to use the NFS volume plugin in PV. Few suggestions as below.

  • Please make sure your NFS server working as expected and being able to access from the node
  • Try to describe the pod to see any events about why the volume can’t work as expected.

How can i make sure the NFS is working as expected? It works all the time and in Rancher i just used the gui to create a persistent volume base on NFS. In my opinion that should work.

maybe there are other ways to connect NFS storage to the cluster but i don’t know them so far.

I finally find the solution to my problem.

What is the solution? :slight_smile:

You have to make an NFS connection on the nodes first. In my case the worker nodes