Setup NFS server on Rancher OS v1.5.1?

Hi, I am running Rancher OS as base of my worker node for my Rancher 2.1.8 cluster. I currently use “Bind-mount a directory from the node” for my volumes. But this doesn’t give me the same functionality like persistent volume claimbs.

I thought a NFS share wouild be the easiest way to realize this because I am running a custom cluster on some VServers. But I was not able to find any documentation how to setup a NFS share on Rancher OS.

I’ve already enabled the service “volume-nfs” on RancherOS but where can I configure it? In addition I’ve launched a nfs server container on the node, but it is unable to start.

Or would an other option better for me? I currently run a single worker node and a controller node with ETCD and Controll Plane, so I don’t need to share the volumes over several nodes. I just whant some better controll about my volumes like limiting the maximum storage size.

I hope someon could help me. Thank you very much.

Could anyone help me please?

Did you manage to find answer?
I’m fighting against the same problem and no luck till now.
Stuck in the same moment.
modprobe nfs added nfs module, ros service start volume-nfs started (hopefully) nfs server, but exportfs still does not work.

Found an answer. Simply ros service volume-nfs is CLIENT not SERVER.
So only valid solution is to use dockerised NFS server i.e. ganesha

@MSandro @Algha Try follow this comment

@Jason-ZW - your answer is valid if we’d like to mount something on ROS. I’m looking a way to share something from ROS.