Cannot access newly created cluster with kubeconfig from Rancher

Hey all!

I have Rancher up and running and created a few clusters.
I accessed them by downloading the kubeconfig (nice feature by the way) and adding the data to the kubeconfig of my local machine.
I recently ran in the following issue:
Clusters I created in the path are accessible via the kubeconfig.
But when I create new clusters, I no longer can access them via the above mentioned method.
BUT they can still be accessed using the kubectl-Shell in Rancher UI.

I believe it is a Cert-Issue (as the error-message kubectl gives me is that the certificate is signed by unknown authority) but I am not sure.

Has anybody ran in to a similar problem or do you have an idea?
How exactly do the cluster created by Rancher get their certs? Isn’t it just the cert i used when starting the Rancher-Server?

Many thanks in advance!

So I looked at the cluster certificate-authority-data and seem to found the problem why the new clusters are no longer trusted. Rancher seems to no longer use the provisioned tls-cert…

If someone already had a similar problem, please let me now.

Update: It seems like the features for copying/downloading the kubeconfig do no longer work properly in my Rancher. Maybe I’ll create a Issue on Github…

For no I can just copy and paste the tls-cert of my rancher-container in the kubeconfig, and access the clusters. Not good, but better than nothing. Hope this helpy anybody who runs in to a similar Problem