Cannot build snapshots

Snapshots are not created through UI.

Just want to verify this could be related to a web-socket issue, we discussed before.

My configuration:
Longhorn 1.0.0 running within K3S
Traefik is my Ingress-Controller
UI is called via “localhost:8087” which is forwarded by Traefik to Longhorn service within K3S.
I can see all my PVs. Actions typically seem to fail.


Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘ws://localhost:8087/v1/volumes/pvc-8cac06cc-d203-4248-a3a9-44086974d1dd?action=snapshotCreate’ from origin ‘http://localhost:8087’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https.

Do I need to modify Traefik Ingress (e.g. add CORS middleware)?

I can confirm this behavior still. I am running Longhorn 1.0.0 on a self managed kubernetes cluster with Traefik as reverse-proxy. I already have configured a cors middleware as I thought this may be an issue. But still the situation is that some actions like

  • creating a snapshot
  • detaching/ataching a volume

does not work in the UI on the first click. I often need 2-5 reloads and clicks until the ui action leads to an action.

@wopl @rsoika I believe the root cause is the same as . Can you comment on that issue to provide more details?