Cannot create cluster since node register failed

I try to create cluster from rancher ui, but It seems always pending on “[controlPlane] Failed to upgrade Control Plane: [[host i-etijthgr not ready]]”

system info as below:
linux: CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
docker: 1.13.1
rancher: 2.4.6
rancher agent: v2.4.8

I did some dig as below:
I found kubelet always restart since some failure, i try to look into log, some error as below:
F0916 11:34:33.261625 17586 kubelet.go:1384] Failed to start ContainerManager failed to initialize top level QOS containers: failed to update top level Burstable QOS cgroup : failed to set supported cgroup subsystems for cgroup [kubepods burstable]: failed to find subsystem mount for required subsystem: pids
I0916 11:34:33.264932 17586 kubelet_node_status.go:112] Node i-etijthgr was previously registered

Seems my node has been registered by previous cluster, but I didn’t find how to unregister it.

could anyone help me, thanks.

I got this fixed, thanks

Interesting, but how did you fix this?