Cannot get HA script from Rancher HA


I installed HA on Rancher v1.6, I can see 3 server in Rancher HA, but it is still not enabled, I cannot see that something like "External DB connected " or something to generate HA scripts in my Rancher HA screen (Portal)

I can see 3 host in my load balancer, I can reach this IP, but when I create cname with this load balancer, I cannot reach Rancher portal with this cname , or load balancer DNS.

So there must be something missing related DNs, I read many document. but still stuck in this part.

Can anyone help me for this?



To rule things out, try this test: add your desired domain names to your hosts file and see if it works (eg; access the desired domain via your web browser in incognito).
If it does work, then it is something related to the DNS.