Cannot list resource "secrets"

Hi, I get the following message repeatedly:

Jun 1 06:41:35 Ubuntu-1804-bionic-64-minimal k3s[1125]: E0601 06:41:35.206081 1125 reflector.go:153] object-“longhorn-system”/"": Failed to list *v1.Secret: secrets is forbidden: User “system:node:ubuntu-1804-bionic-64-minimal” cannot list resource “secrets” in API group “” in the namespace “longhorn-system”: No Object name found

I do not know, how to solve it. Thanks for any help.

Have you enabled some kind of access control? Which version of k3s is it?

Hi Yasker,
Well, not sure I have changed access control. I do have traefik installed by myself, which works fine with a couple of services.

Kubelet v1.17.4+k3s1
Container Runtime: containerd://1.3.3-k3s2
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS


After Upgrade of K3S the message is gone. Not sure, what it was.