Cannot manage cluster using the ui

I deployed rancher 2 HA cluster as the manual
Using rancher i deployed a new cluster on bare metal (7 virtual machines on some hosting service), lets call it c14
it is working for more than 2 months
but in the last days i cannot manage the c14 cluster.
i can use kubectl using the kubeconfig file i downloaded earlier, kubectl get pods or kubectl logs are working,

But i cannot use the ui to manage it.

It saying “This cluster is currently Unavailable; areas that interact directly with it will not be available until the API is ready.” in red box above the cluster dashboard (edited)

Additional strange thing, in the internal cluster of the rancher itself, in the node list, i still see one of the servers with disk pressure, long time after i solve the problem. I dont know if hours or days, but it does not matter.But looks like i can manage the internal cluster as regular, excluding the fact that the node list is still with “disk pressure” on one server.

Any idea how to make it work again, so my clients will be able to manage the cluster?

I have the same issue. I opened issue on github, but no one answered yet (

Did you maybe found solution?