Question about deployed apps and clusters

After recently upgrading from 2.4.12 to 2.5.5 one of my k3s clusters was no longer available in the UI. I created the cluster again by removing the old one and importing it add cluster -> other cluster but now I don’t see any of my deployed applications (helm charts).

My concern now is that the Rancher DB isn’t in a 100% good state as I am seeing lots of logs pertaining to the old “missing” (deleted) cluster:

2021/01/15 11:39:58 [ERROR] error syncing 'website-test': handler resourceQuotaSyncController: "c-j2q7b/p-6fbxc" not found, handler resourceQuotaUsedLimitController: "c-j2q7b/p-6fbxc" not found, requeuing

So a couple of questions:

  1. Where is the helm data stored (including custom values.yml and so on)? I’m assuming in the Rancher DB and not in Kubernetes as I don’t see deployed applications on the newly imported cluster.
  2. If the data is stored in Rancher, would there be a way to backup/restore the application “state” in Rancher for my existing cluster(s)? The idea would be to backup the deployed applications, create a new Rancher instance, import my clusters and restore this state.
  3. Regarding the above error - any ideas? I don’t see c-j2q7b in the UI / API - something isn’t in a consistent state here. Can I “hard” delete this cluster?

Thanks for any help