Cannot open Rancher site in certain browsers

So the other day I had to re-ip some hosts that my Rancher setup was on. No big deal as they’re in a cluster and I figured I’d just migrate the VM’s off, re-ip, move them back, etc. For whatever reason the cluster was giving me errors and wouldn’t allow me to hot-migrate the VM’s. Well it’s just a test setup, so whatever, I’ll just power them off and re-ip the hosts then bring them back up. Well the networking turned out to be a pain and I couldn’t get the hosts to come back up easily. I had an extra host that wasn’t in my vCenter that was part of the same blade setup and was able to migrate the VM’s to there while the other hosts were disconnected. After some troubleshooting I was able to get all the hosts back up with the new IP’s, DNS servers, etc. Also had to update the DNS servers on my vCenter as well to make things run a little better. Decided to patch the hosts as well, they’re running ESXi 6.5 in a 6.5 vCenter server. Everything is back up and running.

Powered on the original Rancher HA setup. Tried loading the site in Edge which was working. Gives me a certificate error. Says: This site is not secure. The website’s security certificate is not secure. Error Code: 0. Hmm ok. I went into the Certificate Manager and deleted the cert I had imported in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities. No change. Ok so I went to another machine that had never logged into that Rancher site before. Site comes up, but it wants me to set the admin password, which was already set. This happens in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Come back to my original machine. Firefox which was having issues the other day with some sort of cert issue between the 2 Rancher setups I have (Other one was not affected by this re-ip stuff) suddenly allows me to the site, but wants me to change the admin password. So I try Chrome on my main machine. Works like a champ. I can login with the local account only though. If I try logging in with AD it tells me no response received. All of a sudden a few min later I now cannot login with the local account either, also telling me No response received. What is going on here? How did this get so screwed up? Is this even worth troubleshooting or saving? I’d like to know what’s going on and how to fix so if I had something happen in a production setup I’d know what to do. Certificates I used for the setup were Rancher generated, so I’m just lost here. All help is appreciated.

After updating my Windows 10 machine (to RS5 x64) I’m still unable to get in. In Chrome now when I try to go to the site it fails, and when I look at the Certification Path it says the certificate for my site has an invalid digital signature. Really frustrating that there’s really no support for this and can’t find a whole lot of help on a google search either.

Even when I try to change the password it tells me that the password that I had set originally is an invalid current password. Very frustrating.

Now I went to another tab and it allowed me to change my password for the admin account. Once logged in it’s as if I never did anything. None of my stuff is there. Makes no sense.