HA Rancher and transition to https

We created an HA Rancher some time ago, but recently we added an HAPROXY to terminate SSL in front of Rancher. So, previously we would access rancher over http, and now it’s https. Updating the hostname seemed to solve most of our problems, but we are hitting failures with a few management services, namely management_rancher-compose-executor and management_go-machine-service. The logs show that these services are failing to connect to the http endpoint. Looks to me like this in turn is causing other operations to fail.

I tried updating the CATTLE_HA_HOST_REGISTRATION_URL in the rancher_server with the https endpoing and re-running with rancher-ha-start.sh rancher/server, but to avail. I do not want to build it all again from scratch, so any help would be appreciated.

Any thoughts on this?