Cannot type pipe symbol "|" in console

Hi there,
When I’m using the console of a docker container I cannot type in the pipe symbol, “|”.
This is sometimes needed as example for:

ps auxw|grep process

My local keyboard is swiss-german on a mac. normaly I get the pipe with alt-7 but not on the console, I just get no feedback when I use the same key combination.

Does someone how to solve this?

The keyboard codes are just sent to the terminal… dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration or equivalent on your container?

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Hi vincent,
I’m using the very small Alpine Linux Image (alpine:3.3).
Unfortunately I get:

/ # loadkmap < /usr/share/bkeymaps/de/de_CH-latin1.bmap
loadkmap: can't open console

So, this seems to be a problem with Alpine Linux.
The same here:

$ docker exec -ti dbf71ee14360 sh
/ # dumpkmap
dumpkmap: can't open console

Any ideas how to fix that?

@vincent I have to come back with this problem.
Can you explain why I can type the pipe symbol when I’m connected via ‘docker exec -ti’ ?
This is not possible via the web console?

This seems to be a problem with the JS terminal emulator library… Will look into applying and/or .

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