Can't connect to external network

I create a new aws instance from rancheros-v0.4.2-0-amazon-ecs-optimized (ami-00a5fe63), I can pull docker image from internet

but I can’t access outside, for example, telnet 80

I try the similar image in other regions with same result.

Do you know who supported the rancheros ami image in AWS? Who can help to fix it?

We created the RancherOS AMIs. Can you open a bug in Github ( I’ll try to reproduce when I get a chance.

I knew the problem now.

There are two types of AMI images, one for ecs-optimized, that’s the image I used before, but it can’t be used as normal as ec2 instance.

After I create the instance from hvm or pv image, I can connect to external network without issue.