Catalog Love: More information about the state of a template

Hi there,

i’m a fresh rancher/community-catalog contributor and i really like rancher and think that the catalog is a really big plus of rancher.

However the catalog templates are lacking important informations about the state of a template. The users don’t have any informations which version they’re about to install or if the template is out of date/maintained or whatever … you get the point.

I would like to see support for at least an config.yml entry. In best case you somehow grab the commit date of the last commit which was made to a certain template.

The catalogs, especially the community one, needs more love and to be able to track what’s the current state of a template is, would benefit rancher quite heavily i think. It’s also a point that could motivate other developers and maintainers to update ‘their’ templates more frequent.

Anyhow, these are just my (first) few cents here on the forum.
Greetings from germany