Relation between rancher-catalog and compose-templates repositories?

i’ve discovered the rancher-catalog github repository which is the source of the catalog feature in the server container.
There is also a compose-templates repository (with some duplicates like jenkins, logspout and logstash for example).
The compose-templates was created before the rancher-catalog one.
I see some recent activity on it.
What is the status of this repository?
Is it the sandbox of the rancher-catalog repository?
I’ve got a working kafka stack and i want shortly to propose to add it to the catalog via a pull request.
But kafka needs zookeeper. i’ve tested it with the zookeeper code shipped in the compose-templates repository…
Is there any status on the zookeeper stack?
Will it be published shortly from the docker-template to the catalog repository?

thanks for your great product!

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Compose-templates is where we do a lot of the development work for the catalog entries. Some failed experiments in there that are good to learn from =D but ultimately its where the end catalog entries come from. Also, the source for all of the containers we build for catalog can be found in compose-templates repository.

There is a PR for the Zookeeper template in the catalog repo, its based on the latest version in compose-templates. In the catalog, we needed the interpolation of integers so the user can select N nodes. We still need another feature so that you can upgrade/add nodes and keep quorum, hoping to have that in the next few weeks.

We have a PR for a Kafka template in the compose-templates repo being worked on by one of our users. It seems like Kafka is a popular app :slight_smile: If you want to take a stab at creating a catalog entry for Kafka that would be great. We haven’t documented the process yet, but this PR has a lot of discussion on what we are looking for.

Any feedback/contributions/improvements/ideas on the stacks are greatly appreciated, we want them to be useful and production grade.