Catalog template files on Rancher

Ive beeen playing with rancher and the rancheros for a few days now

I’m interested in getting some of catalog templates up and running

Is there a start up guide for something like Hadoop – when installing catalog templates on my local machine I see an activating icon but it never appears to get complete

Running the raw docker-compose.yml I get through the download stage but the installing stops with errors

Pulling jobhistory-server-data (rancher/hadoop-base:v0.3.5)…
v0.3.5: Pulling from rancher/hadoop-base
674ded4e0a75: Pull complete
a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete
309c74a5f10f: Pull complete
9ed1a9cbbc79: Pull complete
51b66983410f: Pull complete
c5e712b2cc9a: Pull complete
f0753715ef55: Pull complete
3ed71976a64b: Pull complete
c6cb478e83fc: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:eb032a11537ad61cdb73c8b8861228faea91e0568797bfa6431152f5f64703fb
Status: Downloaded newer image for rancher/hadoop-base:v0.3.5
Creating rancheros_jobhistory-server-data_1
ERROR: json: cannot unmarshal bool into Go value of type string

I guess it wouldn’t complete because some variables are supplied via the GUI interface from within catalog

Any ideas how I can progress the installing or at least see what is causing installation errors
What changes would I have to make to the docker-compose.yml file to get it to work or even how it is related to the rancher-compose.yml

First, it sounds like you are launching the catalog item from the command line. Are you unable to launch it from our UI?

Next, regarding the command line, Rancher has its own CLI binary very similar to docker-compose called rancher-compose. You can download it by clicking the “Download CLI” link in the bottom right corner of the rancher UI. It has good help documentation, but also its commands are very similar to docker-compose.

rancher-compose.yml is/was designed to hold configuration information that is not native to docker-compose, like healthchecks and the variable substitution you mentioned.

If you run the rancher-compose in a directory with docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml files, the CLI will ask you the necessary questions to do the variable substitution.

Yes indeed I get an activating icon that never completes when I use the GUI of the catalog - Im not able to install from the UI - dont see any error messages to give feedback

will have a look at rancher-compose and see how I get on


How about the rancher-server logs? See any errors in there?

Finally managed to get the logs on the server - find a link here

Also I included my installation steps:

docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-boot2docker-url RancherOS
docker-machine env RancherOS
eval $(docker-machine env RancherOS)
docker run -d --restart=always -p 8080:8080 rancher/server

Run the web app - takes quiet a while to get access to the web app
once connected I turn on local authentication

then create a local host app and run this in the terminal

docker run -d --privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /var/lib/rancher:/var/lib/rancher rancher/agent:v0.9.2

I then run the catalog image for Hadoop but it never’s finishes installation
I login to the server

Do you have at least 2 hosts? Per the Catalog item, it requires 2 hosts.