Rancher-cli catalog install can't find template

I am trying to use the rancher cli tool for the first time to catalog install. This is also my first catalog template creation, but am trying to deploy a docker-compose that I deployed with rancher-compose with no problems. I am getting an error:
FATA[0008] Failed to find template rancher-tutorial

The command I am running is
rancher --access-key DAC0018D81D09274C204 --secret-key x3zi2U8LM7hToggERivRVfiDPSWXB5EjpeXxxzgU --url https://rancher.secretdomain.com/v1/projects/1a153 --env dev catalog install ‘rancher-tutorial:1.0’

The docs seem to leave many questions such as where do I need to run the rancher tool from in order to find my template? I have tried running the command from every realistic location there is could possibly need to be to find my template, but no love. I have tried without --env since that seems silly to have to include with an environment api key that should already know which env to operate against. Need some guidance here. Thanks!

Hi there,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you trying to install catalog to the Rancher/cattle as a template ?

If so, maybe -answers value, -a value switch might help you. This is the specification of the answer file, which probably keeps the information of the location of your template. Did you ever try to install template via UI ? This might give you some clues.

rancher catalog install syntax :

Unfortunately I didn’t install template from the CLI myself, so it’s hard to help more.

Thank you for the reply. I am trying to install a service template in to an existing catalog. I am not trying to create a new catalog. I still have not been able to resolve this, but for now I am working around the issue by using rancher-compose and having it use my catalog service template docker/rancher-compose files.