registration elapsed?

So I’m trying to deploy RKE2 on NixOS but I’ve run into a problem where it can’t install the included helm charts because is parked at a registrar.

❮ curl 
<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script>window.onload=function(){window.location.href="/lander"}</script></head></html>
❯ curl
<a href=";utm_medium=parkedpages&amp;utm_campaign=x_corp_tdfs-daslnc_base&amp;traffic_type=TDFS_DASLNC&amp;traffic_id=daslnc&amp;">Temporary Redirect</a>.

That redirect sends the traffic to

Is this a known issue? Is this going to be fixed? Should I just not have RKE2 install an of the help charts and do them myself?



Hmm, the only places I see in the rke2 code are in api endpoint names, how did you try to deploy rke2? You should follow Quick Start | RKE2, not use some probably outdated OS package.