Unable to the rancher UI

Hi there,I am installing a single node rke1 rancher. To install the rancher I have used the below command

helm install rancher rancher-latest/rancher --namespace cattle-system --set hostname=` `omkar.com` ` --set bootstrapPassword=admin --set tls=external --set ingress.enabled=false --set replicas=3 --set auditLog.level=0 --version 2.6.3` where [omkar.com](http://omkar.com/) is pointing to one of the public Ip of a EC2 instance.I can see that the deployment is correctly rolled out as shown
[rke-admin@poclphusamaster ~]$ kubectl -n cattle-system rollout status deploy/rancher
deployment "rancher" successfully rolled out
[rke-admin@poclphusamaster ~]$ kubectl -n cattle-system get deploy rancher
rancher   3/3     3            3           31m

I am still not able to access my Rancher UI. Can someone please let me know what I am missing? I have also ran the command

helm upgrade rancher rancher-latest/rancher --namespace cattle-system --set ingress.enabled=true --version 2.6.3 --set hostname=omkar.com