Centos Console - no NFS mounts

  1. I have NFS mounts working great using cloud-config mounts. Works great, everything is in /mnt/swarm/

  2. I type sudo ros config console switch centos, works, load up a centos console

  3. I look in /mnt/swarm, empty. All NFS mount dirs empty. reboot. still empty.

  4. I type sudo ros config console switch default

  5. All the mounts work again.

What do I need to do differently to switch consoles but preserve my nfs shares?

Would be awesome to get a hint on this issue, or whether it is expected behavior.

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Well, Hi vinistois,

were did you configured the nfs-mounts ?

I did it as you did, but mine survive a “sudo reboot”…

Perhaps use another mount-point as /mnt/…
I created a new dir and mounted my local nfs-exports
(living on a diffent server outside the rancheros-node (standalone server))
and voila - it works like a charm.

Greetz, Det