NFS cloud config (solved)

Hi everyone,

I’m tring set mount in the cloud-config with the command

sudo ros config set mounts ‘[[“MY_IP:/home/rancher/compartilhado”,"/home/rancher/compartilhado",“nfs”]]’

And, the command sudo “ros config validate” don’t show nothing wrong.

But the Rancher OS don’t start after this. In the cloud-config has this configuration:


    • MY_IP:/home/rancher/compartilhado
  • /home/rancher/compartilhado
  • nfs

To solve this problem in my cloud-config.yml i changed the mount line to:


  • [“MY_IP:/home/rancher/compartilhado”, “/home/rancher/compartilhado”, “nfs4”, “”]

Hi, can you post the cloud-config.yml (or relevant part) that shows this in context? Thanks.