Change docker-sys interface settings

I would like to change the docker-sys ip address range because our company uses, among others, this range. So networking is nearly impossible to use.
For example If I want to SSH into the system, it thinks I am in the same network and sends the answer packets directly out instead of it’s default gateway.
My IP:
docker-sys IP:

The IP is included in the range so the system, correctly from his perspective, doesn’t use it’s default gateway.

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Hmm not sure if this is the answer you seek, as your wording conflates different things as the same thing.

It seems like you want to set the RancherOS User Docker’s bridge ip range to something other than the default.

So I ended up on this page:

Then applying that to RancherOS, looks like this is the correct docs page:

Once interpreted should yield this command:

sudo ros config set rancher.docker.extra_args ['--bip=CIDR','--fixed-cidr=CIDR']

or perhaps this cloud-config:

    extra_args: ['--bip=CIDR','--fixed-cidr=CIDR']

Hope this gets things going in the correct direction for you there Michael :slight_smile:



sorry for the very very late reply. I totaly forgot about the topic. After re-evaluating RancherOS I stumbled accross the same problem and found this topic via google, later realizing that I wrote the question.
Your answer led to my desired change:

    extra_args: ['--bip=']

Thank you for your help, even if it’s 2 years to late :slight_smile: